Adopt-A-Child New Zealand

The Adopt-A-Child office in New Zealand opened in 2008 under the stewardship of Colin & Pamela Crooks National Coordinators. They along with their board undertake the Administration of this growing program.

Colin and Pamela Crooks - AAC NZ

“Changing the world..One child at a time”

Our national office is located in Whangarei, Northland. We service both North & South Islands with a vision to expand the work to Australia and beyond. There is a continuing need for more sponsors and prayer support so we can reach out to more children and their families.

These children need YOUR help! 

You can truly make a difference!

For only $50 or $45(AUD) a month (about $1.65 a day less than the cost of the daily newspaper/small coffee) you can make a lasting difference. 

You will change Lives…. Yours & Theirs!

Contact us for further information at: 

Adopt-A-Child New Zealand 
6A Old Loop Road. Ngararatunua, RD6 
Whangarei, 0176 New Zealand 
Phone: +64 (0)9 435 0487 


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